Catalina Goat

Catalina goats are widely sought after by hunters because of their extremely wide horns. This characteristic makes them popular for trophy hunts, especially at Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas.

What is a Catalina Goat?

Catalina Goats originated in Spain but are now widely found in Texas and other parts of the United States. It’s believed they were brought to the U.S. by Spanish missionaries. The Angora and New Zealand goats are also classified as Catalina Goats.

Typically weighing anywhere from 130 to 275 pounds, the Catalina Goat can be found in a variety of colors; black, brown, reddish brown, or even white. Their hair is course with both males and females having beards. Female Catalina Goats weigh less at about 80 pounds or so. Both sexes can stand four to more than five feet tall.

The horns of the Catalina Goat, as mentioned above, are their most unique characteristic. They can typically spread anywhere between 30 and 40 inches. The longest Catalina Goat horns on record measured 53 inches! Females usually don’t have horns, but some may have curved horns of just about 4 to six inches.

Eating Habits of Catalina Goats

Catalina Goats don’t need a lot of water to survive and can typically live in very hot and dry areas. They are typically found on ranches that are rough and overgrazed. Their diet consists of mainly grass and leaves.

Breeding Habits of Catalina Goats

Goats are very competitive and breeding is no different. If a female goat is in season she will typically wag her tale as her signal to the males. Mating season is year-round for Catalina Goats. Once the goats mate, the female will typically be pregnant for about five months. They give birth to 1-3 baby goats at a time.

Hunting Catalina Goats

While Catalina Goats are not known for their speed, they spook easily and are capable of getting away in a matter of seconds. Hunters need to be especially quick and alert. The challenge is part of what makes Catalina Goats so popular among trophy hunters. There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Catalina Goats in Texas so the fact that they are available year-round is also appealing to hunters.

Hunting Catalina Goats usually requires pursuing them on foot and through mountainous terrain. At Squaw Mountain Ranch, hunters can choose from a variety of hunting techniques such as safari hunting, blinds, or spot and stalk.

Once the technique is chosen, hunters can then decide their method of hunting. Bow hunts, pistol hunts, rifle hunts, and black powder hunts are all options at Squaw Mountain Ranch. Due to the size of the Catalina Goat’s horns, sometimes a larger weapon is needed. So, it’s important to keep this mind when mapping out your trophy hunting plan.

Choosing Squaw Mountain

If you’re still unsure about how to proceed, Squaw Mountain Ranch provides hunting guides that will give you insight and advice as to the best methods and techniques. Long range shooting instructions are also available. Squaw Mountain Ranch can also accommodate those with disabilities.

If you plan on hunting at Squaw Mountain Ranch you need to bring a rifle and ammo, hunting clothes, a Texas hunting license, cooler to transport meat and any other desired personal items. A fair chase hunt is ensured each and every time as well as a trophy any hunter will be proud to display.

There are different trophy hunting packages and price ranges to suit your needs. During your visit, choose packages that include everything from a stocked bar and snacks to meals and private lodging. Squaw Mountain Ranch prides itself on offering affordable Catalina Goat trophy hunts.

Call Squaw Mountain today at 830-275-3277 to find out more about the variety of Catalina Goat hunting packages available.