Red Stag Deer

Red Stag Deer

Red stag deer are popular among trophy hunters because of their branched antlers which can reach up to one meter in width. When it comes to trophy hunts of red stag, Squaw Mountain Ranch is a favorite because of its ample supply and terrain. Here is some other information about the red stag:

What is a Red Stag Deer?

A red stag is a male deer and is the largest to appear in the United Kingdom. Beside the United Kingdom, red stags are also widely found in Scotland as well as here in the United States.

Red stag are larger than the female of their kind, known as hinds. Besides their notable antlers as mentioned above, red stag are also known for their reddish-brown coat that is visible during the summer months. In the winter it can turn brown or grey. Some sub-species of the red stags grow a mane of hair around their neck which some say makes them look like royalty.

It’s important to note that red stag will shed those prize-winning antlers each year and grow new ones. Their antlers grow at a fast clip for two to four months. Then, during the summer months, a higher testosterone level kicks in slowing the antler growth. This leads to blood and nutrient supply to the antlers to be cut off. As the red stags rub their antlers against trees, the antlers begin the process of falling off until eventually there is nothing left. This tedious process is repeated each and every year of a red stag’s life.

Other Red Stag Deer Facts

On average red stags can weigh anywhere between 160 and 240 pounds while the hinds weigh 120 to 170 pounds. Their average lifespan can be anywhere between 10 to 13 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity. Stags also have stronger neck muscles than the female hinds.

Red stag are known to be active at all hours of the day, but tend to increase their activity level in the evening and at night. They can be found in grasslands, woodlands, and upland moors.

Man is the only predator of red stag. No animals bother them due to their size and their antlers. But calves can sometimes succumb to bobcats and coyotes because they have not yet matured.

A fun fact about the red stag is that during Roman times, it was used to pull coaches in festivals related to the hunting goddess, Diana.

Eating Habits of Red Stag Deer

Red stags are herbivores, eating mainly grasses, plants, twigs and mosses. In the winter they look for food with more substance such as cedar, wintergreen and sumac. Red stag are ruminants in that they spit up their food and eat it again. This is believed to help them with digestion. When there isn’t a lot of food around, the metabolism of the red stags slows down to save energy.

Breeding Habits of Red Stag Deer

Red stags are quite the breeders, mating with more than one hind each season. The male will usually mate with a hind four times before moving on to another one in his harem. Mating season is typically late September through early October. That is right about the time when stags lose their antlers, as we mentioned above. Stag are very competitive as they search for hinds. They are known to have roaring contests in order to secure their mating partners.

Once a hind becomes pregnant, the gestation period usually lasts 240-262 days, so about 8 months or a little more at times. She will typically give birth to one calf at a time. After birth, the calf will stay with its mother for a few weeks. It usually takes about two months for a calf to be completely weaned. In about a year or two, the calves are ready to leave with the males usually going off into the herd while the females stay with their mothers.

Hunting Red Stag Deer

Hunters take pride in targeting and capturing red stags because of their antlers as we mentioned above. The antlers make a trophy worth bragging about for many hunters. At Squaw Mountain Ranch there is a great herd of red stag with plenty of trophy red stags available. The red stag on the ranch have horns that range from 300 to over 400 inches. Besides their horns, red stag are also hunted for the quality of their meat. It is considered gourmet as many restaurants list it as such on their menus. Since there are no seasonal restrictions on hunting red stag deer in Texas, it is a year-round activity.

At Squaw Mountain Ranch, hunters can choose from a variety of hunting techniques such as safari hunting, blinds, or spot and stalk. Once the technique is chosen, hunters can then decide their method. Bow hunts, pistol hunts, rifle hunts, and black powder hunts are all options at Squaw Mountain Ranch.

If you’re still unsure, Squaw Mountain Ranch provides hunting guides that will give you insight and advice as to the best methods and techniques. Long range shooting instructions are also available. Squaw Mountain Ranch can also accommodate those with disabilities. Hunters just need to bring their rifle and ammo, hunting clothes, a Texas hunting license, cooler to transport meat and any other desired personal items. A fair chase hunt is ensured each and every time as well as a trophy any hunter will be proud to display.

Squaw Mountain Ranch offers a variety of different trophy hunting packages and price ranges to suit your needs.

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