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Fran Cortina

Squaw Mountain Ranch was my choice after researching for days. Great references, good location and beautiful area. Once there I was surprised by the ranch full of cool trophies. Food and service was excellent. Amount and quality of game top. But was really impressed me was the landscapes, areas where I felt I was in Africa. Landscapes reminded me to Tanzania so much. And lets not forget Butch, hard working guide that made it possible even though I was very limited on timing. Thank you for everything,

Krista Ryan

We had a wonderful weekend at the ranch - lots of beautiful scenery and many animal hunts to choose from. Great accommodiations, food, and excitment. We look forward to another fun weekend at the ranch soon! Thank you for having our family enjoy these memories together, Nadia had a lot of fun seeing things around the ranch and especially driving in the polaris.

Leon Hightower

Thank you for the wonderful time and memorable moments we experienced at Squaw Mountain. Besides it being my Son's first Rio, you and your staff made it truly special. I fully enjoyed everything and every minute of our stay. WOW, what a place!

Dr. Gary Ryan

What a great experience hunting on Squaw Mountain Ranch. Exposure to and choice of game, super comfortable accomodations and all you can eat meals. Every aspect of a super hunting experience is taken care of!

Gary & Nancy Harris

As avid hunters, my wife Nancy and I, have had the chance to hunt with many different outfitters all over Texas and all over the country during the past many years and our experiences at Squaw Mountain Ranch are simply the best. From the fantastic accommodations and food to the amazing number and quality of animals to hunt it is one of the best place we have ever hunted. But more importantly to us, is the honest, down home folks who take care of us like we were family during our stay at their ranch. All we can say is thank you for another fantastic hunt and making memories that will last forever.We look forward to bringing our Son and his wife and our three grandchildren to hunt with ya’ll next summer. I know it will be a blast for all.

James Ritchey

Thank you so much for the experience to come hunt on your ranch. I have really enjoyed the video and pictures. Please thank Kim for putting together my flash drive allowing me to carry around a great memory to share with friends and family. Also please thank Butch again for me on being the best guide I could have ask for. I appreciate Dusty, Jay and the guys for giving me the opportunity to participate in the skinning and gutting of the deer after a successful hunt. Words cannot describe my gratitude, however I wanted to take some time and really thank you and everyone involved in my experience. I look forward to hunting with you all in the future.

Laird Hightower

Let me start by saying, this hunting ranch is top notch! Recently, my father and I spent some quality time together at the Squaw Mountain Whitetail Hunting Ranch near Jacksboro, Texas. Even though this ranch is known for massive trophy Whitetail bucks, we wanted to do a spring time Rio Grande Turkey hunt. My father lives in western Oklahoma and I live in Dallas, so we decided to meet somewhere in between and this hunting ranch did not disappoint. My drive was easy, only 2 hours away. Upon arrival, Mr. Eric Wieser put us up in a couple of his hunting cabins near the lodge. When you're used to "roughing it" in the woods, a private cabin with heat, running water, toilet/shower, and warm bed make the nights a little nicer. The meals provided were excellent and the scenery at the ranch was beautiful. Now for my Rio Grande Turkey hunt review. Saturday morning after the lodge breakfast at "o-dark thirty", Mr. Wieser drove us to some river bottom land on his ranch where he knew turkeys were abundant. My father, who has about 65 years of hunting experience under his belt, he's 72, put out two decoys and brought out the owl call as daylight broke. As soon as he hit the owl call, several "gobblers" shocked called back. Within 10 minutes of turkey calling, three good size Toms with nice beards cautiously appeared but were hesitant to come into the clearing where the decoys were. Just out of range, they circled around and kept "gobbling". As we were about to reposition to close the gap, "run and gun", five Jakes suddenly appeared and were running to the decoys! My father has about four different types of turkey calls. It keeps the birds interested, each slightly different, making it appear there are different birds calling. His "change-ups" worked! I shot my first turkey, a Jake, with my father's help which was special to me. I grew up hunting and fishing, and have taken many Whitetail bucks over the years, but this was my first turkey. Mr. Wieser arrived at the designated time and picked us up after the morning hunt. Back at the lodge after pics, turkey cleaning, and lunch, hunting plans were made to fill my father's tag. That afternoon and the following day, we spotted several nice Toms at different times but we couldn't get them interested enough to come within range and we couldn't close the distance sometimes because of the terrain. It didn't really matter though, just being outdoors with nature and my father was good enough for me. The topography of the bottom land hunted varied between thick foliage scattered with small to large grassy clearings in view of towering old growth trees. Steep rocky mountains covered with trees surround the valleys and river bottom land. It reminded me of northern New Mexico terrain. The mountains are amazing to look up at while sitting down below hunting. One may have to "run and gun" to close the gap when possible as some of the turkeys are at a distance and won't come to you, you have to go to them. Site selection, set-up, and proper calling technique are key. It can be challenging for a turkey hunting novice like me, but with the help of an experienced hunting partner, your chances go up. Either way, the scenery and chance to get outdoors make it a worthy adventure. Mr. Wieser couldn't have been more gracious or helpful in making our hunting trip memorable to say the least. He runs a professional operation and it showed. I would highly recommend Mr. Wieser's ranch to anyone looking for a quality hunting ranch in Texas.

"OUR EXPERIENCE makes YOUR EXPERIENCE Unforgettable!!!!!!"

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