Deer Hunting with a Bow

Deer Hunting with a Bow

Hunting Deer in Texas

When hunting deer, there are different approaches hunters can take. Some hunters choose rifles, while others prefer to hunt with a bow. Deer hunting with a bow is different because it requires a unique set of skills and technique.

It also requires certain equipment to be successful. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need.

Equipment for Deer Hunting with a Bow

When you’re deer hunting with a bow there are three different types of bows to choose from. They are:

  • Compound Bow. This one is pretty standard when it comes to bows. They’re easier to shoot than traditional bows or longbows. They also don’t require a great amount of strength from the hunter to draw and shoot, making them popular for beginners.
  • Traditional Bow. This bow requires more strength to pull and aim but allows the hunter to take down deer, elk, and even bears.
  • Crossbow. This bow was once only reserved for disabled hunters or those with injuries but is now used by all hunters. These are easier to shoot, lack recoil, and make minimal noise.

Once you choose your bow, you can go on to choose the rest of your equipment.

  • Arrows. After you choose the type of bow you are going to use you must choose arrows that match the bow’s draw weight and draw length. Experts in an archery store can help to make sure you get the correct ones.
  • Broadheads. A broadhead is a flat pointed steel arrowhead that has sharp edges. There are many different options. As with the arrows, ask experts in an archery store which one is best suited for you and your other equipment.
  • Tree Stand or Ground Blind. Once you decide on your hunting method, you will either need a tree stand or ground blind. Groudblinds are soft portable tents you can position in your hunting area. Tree stands keep hunters out of their prey’s sight by positioning them high above in trees. Whichever you choose, be sure to have binoculars and a rangefinder with you to help with your hunt.
  • Camouflage Clothing. Be sure to wear camouflage clothing on the top and bottom to improve the chances of not being seen by your prey. You may also want to dress in layers depending on the temperature where you are hunting.
  • Good Pair of Boots. You’ll likely be walking a lot or standing in one spot for a long time. That’s why you need a pair of sturdy boots that are also comfortable and waterproof.
  • Backpack. You’ll need a backpack to carry all of your gear as well as water and snacks.

Tips for Deer Hunting with a Bow

If you are considering deer hunting with a bow you can’t expect to just go out and start taking aim. As with anything it takes preparation and practice. Here are some tips to consider before heading out:

  • Scout Early & Often. If you’re considering deer hunting with a bow be sure to scout the area after deer season ends and then again in March and April. Spend as much time as you can in the hunting area to become familiar with the surroundings.
  • Be mindful of the wind.  Expert white tail deer hunters will tell you to be mindful of the wind. In order to be successful in your hunt, you should keep your wind right. Ignoring the wind could be setting yourself up for failure. White tail deer have a keen sense of smell. If the wind carries your scent, you won’t be doing much hunting because they’ll scurry off fast.
  • Practice Taking Aim. If you want to have a good shot of hitting your target you need to practice taking aim when deer hunting with a bow. Be sure to practice with your broadheads to make sure they fly the same as your field points.
  • Keep Tree Stand Placement in Mind. When deer hunting with a bow, proper tree stand placement can mean the difference between hitting your target and missing. Always be sure to set your tree stand in a reasonable range of the area you plan to hunt. This is typically twenty yards or closer. Be mindful of the wind so that it won’t carry your scent towards the deer. When placing your tree stand you also want to cut and clear several shooting lanes to cover any direction your target may be travelling.
  • Know your Range. The range in which you will be able to hit your target is different for everyone, especially if you’re just starting out. You want to limit yourself to the distance you know you can be successful in. As you improve your skills of deer hunting with a bow you can adjust your range.

Bow Hunting at Squaw Mountain Ranch

If you’re planning on white tail deer hunting with a bow at Squaw Mountain Ranch, you can expect a one to one buck to doe ratio which allows hunters to see several deer to choose from during their hunt. There are also accommodations for hunters with physical disabilities.

There is a variety of hunting packages to choose from at Squaw Mountain Ranch. No matter which you choose we ensure a fair hunt resulting in a trophy any hunter will be proud to display.

If you are planning a trophy hunt at Squaw Mountain Ranch, you just need to bring your hunting gear, hunting clothes, a Texas hunting license, cooler to transport meat and any other desired personal items.

Call Squaw Mountain today at 830-275-3277 to find out more about deer hunting with a bow and the various packages available.