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Squaw Mountain Ranch provides hunters the opportunity to hunt elk in North Texas in a beautiful setting that we have cultivated over many years. We have a huge herd of elk on the ranch with excellent genetics producing amazing trophy elk each year.
We not only allow you to choose your favorite method of hunting trophy elk, but your method of take as well. We have expert hunting guides who will customize your journey according to your past experiences and your preference of hunting technique and weapon.

Squaw Mountain Ranch prides itself on providing outstanding trophy elk hunts at an affordable price compared with other ranches, while giving the hunter a five-star experience and service second to none. We are the best spot for deer hunts in Texas.

Elk Hunts Are Unique in North Texas

The habitat and terrain on Squaw Mountain Ranch afford you the ability to hunt safari style from high rack vehicles, hunt from a modern comfortable blind, or even engage in a good old-fashioned spot to stalk hunt for your trophy.

Our trained specialists cater to your individual needs during your hunt. We ensure a fair chase hunt that will provide you with a formidable trophy that you will be proud to hang in your trophy room.

About the Elk

Elk are mostly found in the forest, forest edge, and alpine meadows in North America and Northeast Asia. Deer are smaller than elk which makes them more difficult to hunt than deer. A mature male elk weighs around seven hundred pounds, while deer weigh three hundred pounds. Because of the difference in size, elk have more muscle mass than deer. For this reason, elk can cover much more ground at a much faster pace than any deer.
You will need to be in shape to hunt elk. You will be covering a long distance when embarking on your elk hunt because of their fast pace and the ground they cover. You will have to hike uphill and trod downhill with your heavy backpack, but our team is there to assist you with your trek.

Elk antlers are significantly larger than those of deer and point upward at a steeper angle. Elk can stand five feet tall at the shoulder. They have a shaggy coat, while deer have a short coat.
The elk’s unique sound is called a bugle and it is loud enough to carry for miles making elk easy to find for the hunt.

Hunters can choose to bow hunt, rifle hunt, pistol hunt, or black powder hunt elk. We also offer long range shooting instruction. We accommodate all types of hunters and even hunters with physical disabilities. We have high quality deer at Squaw Mountain Ranch.

When is the Best Time to Hunt Elk?

Elk are considered an exotic in Texas which allows hunters to hunt at any time. However, the best time to hunt elk is during the rut in September and October.

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For the safest, most authentic Elk hunting experience, you need Squaw Mountain Range: an excellent environment, and a team that cares about your hunting safety.

Elk Hunts in Texas Are Like No Other

You want to find the best spot in all of Texas to hunt elks, as well as exotics, but you’ve been disappointed with other ranch services or hunting on your own. You have the best possible elk hunting experience waiting for you at Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas, but let’s back up for a minute: what defines the best possible elk hunting trip of your life?

Dedicated Staff That Knows What’s What

Whether it comes to safety, as well as information about proper hunting techniques, and your prey, we have the specialists that don’t just work a job—they’ve been hunting for their entire lives, and they’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible hunting service ever. You’ve been hunting before, but you haven’t had this kind of service to back you, or a ranch like ours. It’s not juts about hunting, but about the downtime between the hunts.

Private Cabins

You want your own space to shake off the dust, and relax at the end of day one. Relax in the comfort of your own private cabin where you can think about the day, rest and recoup, and get right back out into the hunt. These come with everything you’ll need, including access to meals and a stocked bar in the central ranch. What better way to unwind in the evening than not having to cook, and leaning back to a cold brew? Exactly—nothing is better.


It just makes sense—you’re out in the woods all day, you’ve been hiking and carrying your gear, and your body is tired. The ranch is also to relax and rejuvenate after the hunt. Take advantage of the pool and hot tub to relax, and prep yourself for the next day. When you finally find your way out of the comfort of the hot tub, head on over to the firepit where you can enjoy a few beers and trade stories. It’s everything you were hoping for, and nobody can offer it like Squaw Mountain Ranch.

Customized Guided Hunts

Introducing someone to hunting, or are you new to the scene yourself? Either way, our trained professionals can guide you through your hunt and show you exactly what it’s like to hunt elk on 2000 acres, bringing you to an entirely new setting that you could never experience on your own. Elk hunts in Texas are inspired by how Squaw Mountain Ranch conducts hunts—there’s just nothing like it.

Getting Your Shot

With the environment that we’ve carefully cultivated at Squaw Mountain Ranch, there’s bound to be plenty of elk for you to hunt down and plenty of action to be had. We believe, without a doubt, that you’ll have the time of your life out on Squaw Mountain Ranch.

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