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Over 30 species of native and exotic hunting game from 5 different continents!

Squaw Mountain Ranch offers some of the finest hunting country in the state of Texas. Large oak filled canyons with 23 ponds scattered throughout the property along with careful clearing and vegetation management programs makes for a one of a kind hunting experience. We are also hyper conscience to not over graze the property and create a petting zoo environment. Hunting here can be tough for sure, but our passion for fair chase hunting has driven us to give the animals every advantage they enjoy in a low fence environment. Home to Over 30 species of native and exotic game from 5 different continents, there is a trophy for every wall here at Squaw Mountain Ranch.

Whether you are looking for a 300”+ Whitetail buck, or a trophy class Transcaspian Urial ram, we are your destination. Trophy animal include, but are not limited to; Addax, Aoudad, Axis Deer, Bison, Black Hawaiian Ram, Blackbuck, Blesbok, Catalina, Corsican, Elk, Fallow Deer, Four Horned Sheep, Dama Gazelle, Gemsbok, Hybrid Ibex, Kudu, Mouflon, Nile Lechwe, Nyala, Red Deer, Red Sheep, Sable, Scimitart Oryx, Texas Dall Ram, Transcaspian Urial, Water Buffalo, Watusi, Whitetail Deer, Wildebeest, Yak, and Zebra.

Located in Jack County, less than 2 hours from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Squaw Mountain Ranch offers premier Big Texas Whitetail Hunting Operation providing an experience of a lifetime to all hunters.

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Squaw Mountain Ranch offers a variety of hunts and activities. Any species of animal not currently within the inventory of Squaw Mountain Ranch can be obtained given the appropriate time of notice.

Please call Butch Amlong, Ranch Manager, 830-275-3277.

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Testimonials from Exotic and Deer Hunts

  • We had a wonderful weekend at the ranch - lots of beautiful scenery and many animal hunts to choose from. Great accommodiations, food, and excitment. We look forward to another fun weekend at the ranch soon! Thank you for having our family enjoy these memories together, Nadia had a lot of fun seeing things around the ranch and especially driving in the polaris.
    Krista Ryan
  • Thank you for the wonderful time and memorable moments we experienced at Squaw Mountain. Besides it being my Son's first Rio, you and your staff made it truly special. I fully enjoyed everything and every minute of our stay. WOW, what a place!
    Leon Hightower
  • What a great experience hunting on Squaw Mountain Ranch. Exposure to and choice of game, super comfortable accomodations and all you can eat meals. Every aspect of a super hunting experience is taken care of!
    Dr. Gary Ryan
Due to current economic conditions and extremely volatile market call us for market pricing
Due to current economic conditions and extremely volatile market call us for market pricing
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