Gazelle Habitat

Gazelle Habitat

Gazelle Hunts texas

The gazelle is a fascinating animal, known for its speed and exquisite horns. Although some people may mistake gazelles for deer, you can tell the difference because of the gazelle’s large curved horns and their tan or reddish brown coats and white rumps. Their impressive horns are what make them so attractive for trophy hunts at Squaw Mountain Ranch, an excellent gazelle habitat.

In total, there are 19 different species of gazelles. Each has different characteristics and can weigh anywhere from 26 to 165 pounds. The dama gazelle is the largest of the bunch weighing in anywhere from 88 to 165 pounds and standing as tall as five and a half feet. It is also the rarest with a population of less than 500.

Gazelle Habitat

The gazelle’s name comes from the Arabic word “gazal” which is the word for love poems. Gazelles are antelopes that are found in Africa, Asia, as well as parts of the United States, including Texas.

Gazelles are known to live in hot, dry areas. Many live in the hot, dry deserts of Africa and Asia. They are most commonly found on semi-arid grasslands but can also be found among dwarf shrubs. Gazelles are known to move about as the seasons change. When there is sparse vegetation they tend to move to the coast or large inland sand dunes because the vegetation there will stay green longer there than in other areas.

The gazelle’s light colored fur allows it to stay cool in the hot climate. Despite this, they also do something else interesting to deal with the warmer temperatures. In order to survive in the heat, they are able to shrink their heart and liver. By doing this they are decreasing the amount of air and water they need. A smaller heart and liver need less oxygen. This allows gazelles to able to survive in stressful environmental conditions by losing less water.

Mountain Gazelle Habitat

The mountain gazelles are one of the 19 different species of gazelles that exist. As their name suggests, the mountain gazelle habitat is found in mountainous and hilly terrain. These are usually areas where there are light forests, fields or desert plateaus.

During the day the mountain gazelles can be found in the hills and come down in the early morning or at night to forage.

Mountain gazelles can be found in areas with an average annual temperature of 21 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Gazelles & the Land They Inhabit

All gazelles are territorial and either spray a scent or lay droppings in the areas that are theirs. If a gazelle comes into a gazelle habitat to try to claim that area, the two gazelles will lock horns. The winner has the bragging rights and the land to show for it.

Due to their speed, light frame and keen senses, hunting gazelles takes time and skill.

There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting gazelles in Texas, so it is a year-round activity. At Squaw Mountain Ranch you will find Dama Gazelles, Grants Gazelles, and Thomson’s Gazelles. Each trophy hunter at Squaw Mountain Ranch is guaranteed a formidable trophy they can show off and bring home.

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