10 Best Ammo for Hunting Whitetail Deer

Whitetail Deer Hunts in Texas Squaw Mountain Ranch

SO what is the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer? Let’s start by talking about our prey.

What are Whitetail Deer?

The Whitetail Deer is the most widely found animal in the United States. They are usually found east of the Rockies but can also be spotted around the Great Plains. Whitetail deer can be in found in places like Puerto Rico, Jamaica, as well as in Europe.

Although whitetail deer can be found in numerous locations in the U.S., Texas has the perfect habitat for whitetail deer to survive, making it a popular place for hunting. In Texas, whitetail deer have access to about 600 different types of vegetation which are key to helping them grow and helping them maintain their weight. On average, whitetail deer males can weigh up to 150 pounds in the summer, while a doe can reach 100 pounds.

The deer population and quality draws hunters to the area for regular hunts as well as trophy whitetail deer hunts. These deer hunts are what Squaw Mountain Ranch is known for in Texas.

Best Ammo for Hunting Whitetail Deer

Besides finding the perfect location, one of the most important things you can do to have a successful hunting trip is to get the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer. Since whitetail deer is the most popular game hunt in the United States, there are many cartridges out there. That’s why many hunters follow certain guidelines when choosing the best ammo. This includes finding ammo that is accurate, has minimal recoil, good striking energy, and a reasonably flat trajectory. Before taking the trip to Squaw Mountain Ranch, here is some of the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer that you can shop for:

  • .30-30 Winchester.  Although this is an old caliber, it was once said to kill more deer than any of its competitors. Despite the growing number of other ammo on the market, this one remains one of the top sellers.
  • .30-06. Many hunters today go with this cartridge because it’s successful no matter the terrain. This is a good all-purpose ammo when it comes to whitetail deer hunting.
  • Remington Core-Lokt. This is among the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer because it comes in a number of different calibers and in both loaded and component form. Hunters who have used this have commented on its ability to get the job done no matter how big or small the deer.
  • Hornady Interlock. These round-nosed bullets are often a favorite among hunters because of the way they hit the whitetail deer. They come in a variety of calibers well.
  • .35 Whelen. Although this one may not be in the top ten when it comes to sales, it is tops for many hunters because of its performance. Hunters who have used the .35 caliber say it is an outstanding cartridge that can go the distance just like its competitors.
  • .338 Federal. Some call this the best short action deer cartridge on the market. Besides being excellent for whitetail deer hunting, this ammo is also good for hunting moose and elk.
  • Nosler Partition. One of the perks of the Nosler Partition is that it has a front core that is soft enough to give reliable expansion in small deer while the rear core stays intact to get the job done.
  • 7mm Remington Magnum. Although this ammo was originally made for elk hunting, it has become increasingly popular when hunting whitetail deer. That’s because it shoots very hard and flat. This is among the best ammo for hunting whitetail deer because of the excellent way it performs in areas where a longer shot is more common.
  • .270 Winchester. This makes the list for the best ammo for whitetail deer hunting because of its speed. The .270 Winchester is said to be able to make any shot no matter the distance or angle.
  • .257 Weatherby Magnum.  The .257 Weatherby Magnum is one of the most powerful commercial pieces of .25 caliber ammo available. That’s one of the reasons why it’s a favorite.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips

Besides having the best ammo, there are some other things you can do to make sure your deer hunting trip is a successful one. This includes:

  • Shower with a scent-free soap. Did you know that human odor actually spooks deer? In order to avoid this you’ll want to shower with a scent-free soap.
  • Don’t contaminate your clothes. Keep them sealed in a plastic container or a bag with dirt and leaves until you get to your hunting spot.
  • Use your senses. Be in tune to every sight, sound, and small around you. Taking a break could make your trip worthless.
  • Don’t make too much noise. Don’t call or grunt a whitetail deer that’s heading in your direction. Instead, be still and quiet and let the deer move right in. Deer are believed to have such sensitive hearing that they can hear the exact location of where a sound is made and where it is coming from.

Prime Whitetail Hunting Grounds at Squaw Mountain Ranch

With the perfect habitat and plentiful deer, Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas is your prime location for whitetail deer hunting. Call us today (830) 275-3277 for more information and to book a tour. The ranch is located less than two hours away from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and offers over 400 feet of elevation changes and beautiful scenery. Be sure to ask about our extensive variety of hunts as well as our trophy exotic hunt packages that are now available. Visit our lodge and take advantage of our guest cabins, dining, and entertainment while you’re here. Make it a hunting trip to remember at Squaw Mountain Ranch.