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Whitetail Deer Hunts in Texas Squaw Mountain Ranch

So what are the top deer blinds? We will talk about all of the different types of deer blinds and let you decide. When it comes to hunting whitetail deer, there’s no place like Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas. Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts are a passion at Squaw Mountain. Hunters flock here because of the approximate one to one buck to doe ratio. This means hunters can see several bucks before choosing theirs. With numbers like that, hunters want to make sure they have the best equipment with them when they come whitetail deer hunting at Squaw Mountain and that includes deer blinds.

What are deer blinds?

Deer blinds are simply covers hunters used so they are not detected by animals. They want to blend into the surroundings as much as possible and deer blinds help in that effort. Some deer blinds are pretty simple while others are more intricate. Depending on the terrain of your hunt, you’ll want to choose the appropriate deer blinds.

Whitetail Deer Hunts Texas Squaw Mountain Ranch

Different types of deer blinds

Just as no two deer are created equal, no two deer blinds are either. You can decide to go with natural deer blinds or go out and buy one at a sporting goods store.

Natural deer blinds

If cost is factor, this will be your least expensive route because it won’t cost you a penny. Natural deer blinds take from their surroundings to build cover. They let you blend into the surroundings while still letting you hunt without alerting your game. Simply standing next to a spruce or fir tree that has bows that reach to the ground will keep you covered. Conifers provide some of the best natural deer blinds there are. This may not be an option depending on the terrain of your hunt.

A partially fallen tree trunk can also be used as a natural deer blind by just putting branches or whatever else Mother Nature has left for you in the woods.

Ground deer blinds

This is another simple and inexpensive way to go if you’re looking for deer blinds. Ground deer blinds are built using elements of nature as materials as well as some tools from the shed. You just need to bring along a brush blade, pair of loppers, pair of linesman’s pliers, and some old discarded clothesline wire. By cutting tree branches and attaching them with the clothesline wire, you can build the frame of your blind. After you build the framework you’re going to want to cover it with leafy branches. Some of the best choices, if available, are the pine and cedar needles because they’re thick and have a strong smell that can mask any human odors. Deer have a keen sense of smell. Human odor can actually spook them.

Other ground deer blinds can be bought in a sporting goods store. The Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind is a favorite because it has a zipperless doublewide silent entry. This way your prey won’t know you’re around by hearing a zipper and velcro as you move about the blind. The camouflage design is also a big plus with hunters.

Portable deer blinds

If you’re going to be on the move, than you may want to consider portable deer blinds. These are designed to move when your target is on the move and can often accommodate more than one hunter. The Tangkula Ground Hunting Blind Portable Deer Pop-up is a popular choice. This blind has room for up to three hunters or you can use the extra space to house your gear. The falling-leaf camouflage pattern is perfect for the autumn season because you’ll blend right into the surroundings. This design is lightweight so you can pick up and move easily. It also has six full view windows so you can be completely aware of your surroundings at all times.

Another design is the Primos 6093 Up and Down Stake Out. Think of this as a camouflage sheet giving you cover. Simply set it up using the stakes provided and hide behind it. It’s 12 feet in length which provides plenty of room for multiple hunters or lots of gear.

Tent chair deer blinds

When you want to get extremely close to your prey, the tent chair deer blind may be the way to go. The Ameristep Tent Chair Blind is one model used by hunters. This design is made for only one person but allows you to stalk your prey without getting noticed. It also comes with a shoulder strap and carrying case making it easy to keep with you as you move about the woods. You can set this up just about anywhere so this is a good choice if you like to hunt in different types of terrain.

Luxurious deer blinds

Think of this style as the Rolls Royce of deer blinds. The Barronett Blinds Pentagon Hunting Blind has room for four hunters, making it perfect if you’re planning a trip to Squaw Mountain for a trophy whitetail deer hunt. This is touted as one of the most luxurious deer blinds on the market today. There are shooting ports on all sides so you don’t need to zipper and unzipper parts of the blind to take your shot. The pattern and color scheme makes it appropriate for all seasons.

Ghostblind deer blinds

If you like to continuously move around, then this blind is for you. The Ghostblind works by using a mirrored reflection of your surroundings to make you blend in wherever you go. To use this blind you need to sit on the ground; no standing here. Also, this blind just weighs eight pounds, so it is extremely portable.

Prime Whitetail Hunting Grounds at Squaw Mountain Ranch

With the perfect habitat and plentiful deer, Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas is your prime location for whitetail deer hunting. Call us today (830) 275-3277 for more information and to book a tour. Be sure to ask about our extension variety of hunts as well as our trophy exotic hunt packages that are now available. Visit our lodge and take advantage of our guest cabins, dining, and entertainment while you’re here. Make it a hunting trip to remember at Squaw Mountain Ranch.


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