Urban Deer Hunting Tips

Many hunters are used to hunting deer in rural settings. Urban deer hunting takes hunting to a different level because the deer that are targeted are used to being around people. Thankfully, with our urban deer hunting tips you can still have a successful hunt.

Why are deer in urban areas?

Urban deer hunting has become more popular because deer are being spotted in these areas for a variety of reasons.

  • Farms that used to have deer have been turned into housing areas or other developments.
  • Some deer are trying to escape heavily hunted areas in an urban setting.

How is urban deer hunting different than other hunting?

Hunting in these areas is often a sweet spot for hunters because a deer’s senses are typically weakened in these urban areas. Since they are off their game, hunters often have a chance of hunting more successfully.

When you’re hunting whitetail deer, you know their keen sense of smell is one of the many traits that help them to hide. But, in urban areas, their sense of smell is often desensitized. While they may still be able to detect humans, they are often desensitized to foreign scents. Hunters can use this to their advantage in helping mask themselves when urban deer hunting.

Hunters can also use the urban atmosphere to their advantage when it comes to wind direction. They can use scents found in the air to mask their scents which also raises their chances of success.

Other Advantages of Urban Deer Hunting & Urban Deer Hunting Tips

New Structures. When deer are in urban settings there are man-made structures that you won’t find in other typical hunting settings. While hunters may think that a new building or home may lessen their chances of a good hunt, it can actually help them. This is because deer tend to get familiar with traveling next to buildings which could make them an easier target.

Also, the addition of new buildings may force deer to find another clear path; one that you can also quickly figure out and use to your advantage.

Background Noise. Deer have a keen sense of hearing so they will be able to spot a hunter walking in the woods. But when those footsteps are masked by natural background noise, the advantage quickly shifts to the hunter. Hunters quickly find success if they hunt near roadways because the natural sound of the cars can hide any sound their feet may make.

One of the best urban deer hunting tips is to keep in mind that as deer live near humans, they begin to get desensitized. Since they tend to have their guard down, many hunters use this to their advantage.

Urban Deer Hunting Tips for Bow Hunters

Many hunters use the bow as their method when urban deer hunting. When you are doing this, keep the following tips in mind:

Know your bow hunting zone. Knowing where you’ll have the most success hunting is key. In urban areas, typically river corridors with thick creeks as well as patches of woods are likely to hold deer. Deer tend to look for thick vegetation where they hide comfortably and still get food. These are good places to keep in mind as well as features like dogwoods, honeysuckle, and oats. If you see any of these, there’s a good chance a deer is nearby. Always be sure to ask landowners nearby before you start hunting. You never know where people’s property lines end and begin and you don’t want to get caught trespassing.

Set up a zone. If you’re doing a good job scouting your hunting zone, you’ll know where the deer have been raiding. You can set up an ambush in these areas to increase your chances of a successful hunt.

Practice your shot. When you’re bow hunting, you need to have an accurate shot. The best thing you can do is to practice before you go out. In order to increase your success rate, you should practice with targets that are similar to urban settings. In urban environments, deer tend to approach within 10 yards, so practicing at close ranges is a good idea.

Additional Tips

Be patient. If you are urban deer hunting, the best hiding places can be found in a climbing tree stand. Still, you need to be patient when waiting here. When you are patient you will see you will be rewarded, many times with a trophy buck.

Remove your kill as quickly as possible. Hunting in urban settings is different than hunting in other areas because of the fact that people are around. That is why you want to remove your kill to reduce the risk of small children seeing the animal or leaving a bloody trail behind you, especially if there are homes nearby.

While many people prefer urban deer hunting, there are still others who like the setting of a ranch. At Squaw Mountain Ranch, you can expect a one to one buck to doe ratio which allows hunters to see several deer to choose from during their hunt. We aim to accommodate all hunters including those with physical disabilities.

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