Deer Hunting Secrets

Whether you’re a beginner hunter or have been at it for years, there are deer hunting tips and secrets that can make your hunt more successful. If you are hunting whitetail deer in Texas, you want to take advantage of these whitetail hunting secrets because Texas is home to more whitetail deer than in any other state.

So, what can you do to maximize your success rate?

Check out these secrets for deer hunting.

Hide your scent

If you are hunting whitetail deer, the first thing to know is that deer have a keen sense of smell. In order to avoid them from sensing your location, you can stay downwind if possible. If that’s not possible, you’ll want to spray yourself with a scent-killing spray that’s available in many outdoor sporting shops. Of course, avoid wearing any cologne when you’re going out to hunt. Another tip is to try use an elevated stand because it keeps your scent above the animals. Put your hunting clothes on when you get to the site, not before you get in your car. Your clothes will pick up any scents in your car which can also tip off the deer to your whereabouts.

Avoid loud movements

Deer can also sense movement from far away, so move slowly, especially if you are in a stand. Try not to make any human sounds, like coughing or banging of any of your equipment, that are not natural to the deer’s environment. This will tip them off to an intruder and affect your success rate. Stalking deer on a windy or rainy day may work to your benefit because their senses are weakened during these conditions.

Concealment is key

You don’t want to tip off the deer to your location. That’s why maximum concealment is best. Tree stand blinds can help as well as wearing camouflage and a mask.

Be aware of shot placement

Shot placement is also key when hunting deer. You want to aim for the crease behind the deer’s shoulder, about midway down its body. This broadside shot brings the deer down quickly and also damages less meat. You’ll also want to wear gloves when you field dress or skin a deer. Although the risk of infection is extremely low, you can never be too safe.

Look for leaves

If there is snow on the ground, look for leaves in the area where deer may have been. If there’s still some mast around, you may want to set up shop.

Beware of ticks

If you’re scouting in the summer and early fall, you’ll want to wear tick repellant. Tick-borne diseases can end your hunting season before it even starts.

Get to your tree stand undetected

You won’t be able to get to your tree stand in the dark. Make sure to use a creek or some leaves to cover your entry.

Late season tip

If it’s late in the season, look for reopened scrapes in deep cover. Bucks who may have survived are reluctant to get in the open country, but still look for the last does in cover.

Safety first

Many hunters fall from a tree stand when climbing into or out of the stand. Always wear a full-body harness to protect yourself when hunting from a tree stand.

Don’t make lazy exits

Don’t be lazy and walk across crop fields or need food areas when you’re done for the day. You’ll spook the door. Even when it’s after dark, that type of pressure will change the deer’s behavior and will affect your hunting and you’re hunting success.

Keep records

While it may sound tedious, keeping record of every mature buck you come in contact with, as well as where it came from, where it went, and the weather, can help you look for trends. When you start keeping records, you’ll notice patterns and can improve your hunting success rate. You’ll notice similar trends will occur year after year.

Do your homework in the off season

During the off-season identify buck and doe bedding areas. Be precise because this will help you in the future. Once you find bedding areas, mark them on maps and take note. During mid to late October hunting close to those buck beds can be your best bet. During the rut, don’t focus on the buck beds, but focus on the doe bedding areas instead if you want a successful hunt. If you get downwind of these areas and wait for bucks, you should have success.

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