Bongo Hunts with Squaw Mountain Ranch

Majestic Bongo in the Wilderness

Have you ever wanted to experience the excitement of bongo hunts but found out just how expensive it is to travel to a different continent? Well, Squaw Mountain Ranch is excited to let you know that it’s possible to take part in bongo hunts locally in Texas. Our ranch is in Jack County, a mere two hours outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex so you can enjoy bongo hunts even close to home. SMR offers the finest big game hunting in all of Texas, with over 30 species to hunt from. Our favorite animals that we offer include red stags, elk, whitetail, and a multitude of exotic game.

Trophy Red Stag Bongo Hunts

While you may not associate bongo hunts with red stags, they are native to parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa, making them great game to hunt. With such diverse native lands, red stags feel right at home on our property, which emulates their natural environment. Red stags love living in a variety of locations that offer vegetation as coverage, and our ranch offers just that. We love the thrill of a good hunt, and our property offers red stags a fair advantage because they can act like they’re in their natural environment.

Since our property so closely mirrors the red stag’s natural habitat, they also get to enjoy an ample food supply, making them larger than red stags found in the wilderness. During most of the year, male red stags enjoy staying in closely knit groups with other males, however during rut season, dominant red stags will find groups of females to mate with. Rut for the red stag starts at the end of September and extends into November. The best part about red stags in Texas is there is no hunting season! You can enjoy hunting red stags anytime of the year, making them a great bongo hunt for any holiday vacation or any special occasion.

Trophy Elk Hunts

Every hunter interested in bongo hunts has an animal they would like to hunt the most. We often hear our patrons ask about elk. Lucky for them, we’ve got plenty on our ranch. Elks, like red stags, love a variety of environments. You’ll mostly found them around in forested areas, however, it’s also possible to find these beautiful animals in semi-desert locations like the Great-Basin, making our ranch an ideal spot for them to live in. Because of the ideal environment we have created for elk and the time we have spent selecting our elk, we have some of the largest elk around, which trophy hunter will enjoy.

Like red stags, elk stay in groups with other males for most parts of the season. During the rut, which starts in September and ends in October, bulls will meet up with cows in order to mate. Elk hunting season is year-round in Texas, however, the best time to hunt them is at the peak of their rut. Unlike many other animals, you can hunt elk with rifles during the rut, making them a great bongo hunt.

Trophy Whitetail Bongo Hunts

A seasoned hunter may not associate whitetails with bongo hunts, but they haven’t seen our whitetails. Like red stag and elk, whitetails benefit greatly because of the environment we provide on our ranch. Not only do our trophy whitetails get giant racks of antlers, but they are difficult to hunt because our ranch simulates offers adequate cover for them unlike other ranches. Whitetails are native to North America and love to live in a variety of environments. However, the most sustainable environment for them to live in includes meadows, brushy areas, and forests. This is because their coat blends into the environment, making them almost invisible in broad daylight.

Female whitetails enter the rut sometime around late October or early November. Similar to red stag and elk, whitetail bulls compete for mating partners during a rut. No one typically sees the males around females otherwise. Whitetail hunting season begins early November and goes through early January most years.

Exotic Bongos Make for Great Hunts

Many of the seasoned hunters out there are looking for something a little more interesting in their bongo hunts. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered! SMR offers a wide variety of exotic game, ranging from Zebra to Buffalo. Other notable species we have at our ranch include sable, Corsican ram, mouflon, axis deer, addax, and hybrid ibex. Our ranch has exotic game found across five continents, and we’re sure that they’ll be one you want to collect. If you’re looking for it, we’ve got it! Our favorite exotic game we offer is the white buffalo.

White buffalo are just like normal buffalo, but they have a special genetic trait that makes them have white fur. Many of the hunters we have come through our ranch have never seen a white buffalo before, and they love them on first sight. Buffalo rut begins in June and ends at the end of September. Bulls will leave their all male heard and join the cow herd to mate during this time. Buffalo hunting does not face seasonal restrictions like other game, making them a perfect bongo hunt year-round.

Bongo Hunts and Guided Tours

Alongside bongo hunts, Squaw Mountain Ranch leads guided tours to anyone who would like one. We love to see anyone interested in trophy hunting! That’s why we will always accommodate our patrons with disabilities. Our experienced and professional staff will help you find the trophy game you want while giving you the knowledge to pin down the location of your desired game.

Our guided tours take place during early morning to the late afternoon because that’s when the game is the most active. We’ll hunt right alongside you so you can ask the questions you want answered most. We pride ourselves on giving our hunters the best experience, and we can guarantee you’ll be happy that you came to our ranch to find the trophy game of your choice. We offer the most affordable prices for trophy game in Texas, so the offerings we have at the ranch will never disappoint you. Please check out our website for more information.

If you’re interested in bongo hunts at Squaw Mountain Ranch, please give us a call at (830) 275-3277.

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