Do You Need a License to Hunt in Texas?

Hunting Deer in Texas

Hunting is among the oldest forms of sport practiced by man, seen in the fact that there are several references to hunting practices as far back as the Neolithic times. The methods and laws for hunting have constantly evolved with the passage of time, and rightly so. The state of Texas is brimming with game like white-tailed deer, proghorn, mule deer, and many other species, so it’s no wonder that hunting is a very popular activity here.

Legislation in the state of Texas dictates that hunters (and shooters) obtain a fully non-refundable, non-transferable hunting license issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD). There are also vendors that can enable the purchase of a hunting license. There are various permutations and combinations available for hunting licenses, such as one that combines permission to hunt as well as fish. In certain cases, stamp endorsements or permits may be purchased to target specific species, such as migratory bird species.

Before applying to obtain a license, would-be hunters are required to complete a Hunter Education Training Course. The type of license issued to individuals is also dependent upon:

  • Age: Anyone above the age of 9 can get a hunting license, and those above 17 can apply for a permit online.
  • Residency Status: For being considered a resident of Texas, one has to have spent at least 6 months in the state before applying for a hunting license and has to supply 3 documents that can act as a proof of their residency. The TPWD can even issue a lifetime hunting license to residents. Non-Texas residents can also get a hunting permit, but it is considerably more expensive.
  • Desired Hunting Activity: Licenses vary greatly in cost and validity on the basis of what they are going to be used for. For instance, when it is archery-only season, the license needs an additional stamp endorsement of an archery-only activity.
  • Category: There are various groups that can get licenses based on their occupations or current status. These groups may include veterans, Texas military active duty residents, and individuals with handicaps.

Texas hunting licenses can be purchased at more than 1,700 sporting goods stores and department stores across the state, and they can cost anywhere between $7 and $300 depending on the factors listed above. Check the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website for the most up-to-date information about Texas hunting licenses.

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