What is Trophy Hunting?

Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting, also known as sport hunting, is an activity that involves hunting animals that are cautiously and carefully selected. Many of these animals are big game animals including rhinos, elephants, lions, pumas, and bears. This type of hunting is done for pleasure but requires an official government license. Why is it known as “trophy” hunting? The trophy refers to the animal itself, which the hunter can keep as a souvenir after the hunt. Whether it’s the head, skin, or any other body part, the hunter can keep a reward for the shot which did not miss.

People enjoy the rush of hunting large animals, so it is makes sense that this industry is booming. It is necessary to have restrictions on the types of species that are hunted, especially for those who are endangered or on the verge of going extinct. In trophy hunting, only legally approved species can be hunted, and this can only be done with prior approval from the government where the hunt will take place. The weapons must also get approved prior to the hunt.

Trophy hunting is also recognized by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The organization recognizes that if hunting is well managed, it can produce significant economic benefits for the conservation of target species and their habitats outside of protected areas. Additionally research shows that trophy hunters are concerned and well-educated about the conservation, ethical, and social issues that deal with hunting. Trophy hunting provides an opportunity for hunters to do what they love and raise money for conservation efforts – it’s a win-win!

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