Most Expensive Trophy Hunts

By trophy hunting, we are not talking about ordinary golden trophies that you usually receive for winning a competition. Here, the trophy is rather a part of a rare animal, and only experienced hunters can get their hands on it. This all comes down to a popular term used by the world to describe this lavish game of hunters —trophy hunting.

To participate in this game, hunters pay a huge sum of money, sometimes in millions, to gain legal rights to hunt down the rarest of wildlife species. In return, they get to keep a part of the animal for themselves, flaunting it as a trophy. The part of the animal kept acts as a symbol of a successful hunt and becomes a lifelong memento of a thrilling memory.

Let us take a look at the species that spark the interest of this life-threatening game in the hearts of the hunters.

(1) White Rhinoceros

Marked as one of the most endangered and rare species of planet earth, the white rhinoceros top the list of expensive trophy hunts. Hunters agree to pay a whopping $125,000 or more for hunting down these precious creations. After the hunt, their sharp horns become the trophy. With only around 20,000 white rhinoceros remaining in the wild, scattered all over South Africa, Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe, this is an incredibly rare and expensive trophy hunt.

(2) Tigers

Previously, the name of this animal was enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. However, in today’s date, the easy access to guns and hunting tools has given hunters a big advantage over these animals. This fierce animal is killed for its vibrant skin, from which expensive rugs are made. These rugs are only affordable to the affluent, as the price of one can go up to $124,000 and up. Hunting tigers down and creating rugs as a decoration piece is enough to instill a sense of triumph and pride in any trophy hunter.

(3) Elephants

These animals are hunted for their gorgeous, long tusks that can make a great showpiece for any living room. They are hunted legally and dismembered by professional poachers. Although the trophy hunting prize can lead the hunter to pay $25,000 to $60,000 approximately, the joy of successfully combating against an animal as big as an elephant is unmatched.

Trophy hunting is surely a harsh take on the rare, wild animals. But it does have an advantage. In South Africa, trophy hunters contribute to 0.3% of the country’s total GDP. The money collected is also used in several non-profit organizations, leading to the betterment of the society. Check out our website to learn more about different types of exotic trophy hunting!

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