Animal Hunting by Season

We know that you want to go hunting, but it’s important for you to know that there’s a regulation for animal hunting by season.

What does that means?

Different states have set different times for hunting game animals, this artificial construct is called hunting season.

These regulations are set to conserve the population of these game critters to their ideal number and it has its opening days and closing days.

These opening and closing days are determined by the departments of natural resources to which hunters should abide.

In what season can I hunt animals?

For this regulation, there are two concepts or seasons : Open season and Closed season.

Open Season

Open season is that time of the year when certain kinds of wildlife species are allowed to be besieged accordingly to the laws of the local wildlife conservation department.

These days are often set to occur when the population of particular species is at its maximum.

When the members of these species are most vulnerable (peak breeding period), huntgin is avoided.

Many factors like mating seasons, birthing seasons, and migrating seasons determine the open days of hunting season.

Closed Season

The closed season is that time of the year hunting of some species is contrary to the law.

Usually factors like low population level, food shortage, temperature extremes and peak reproductive activity, define the time when hunting of that species is closed.

The closing days are again enforced by the conservation of species of wildlife management. Therefore hunting during this period is considered punishable under law and is termed as illegal poaching.

What Factors Determine Seasons of Hunting?

Biological Factors

As we have already read above, biological reasons for species top the list.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service manipulates the season dates primarily based on breeding & incubation periods of a species.

Economic Factors

Hunting is a big business. States, cities, and counties sell hunting licenses. A huge amount of money is made out of it.

There are many other entities like restaurants, hotels, and local outfitters that get the benefit from inundation of hunters in the region.

Regulators take all this into account while determining dates and length of opening & closing seasons.

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