Can You Hunt Exotic Animals Anywhere?

Practicing hunting has been around for centuries. A lot of hunters go for deer hunting but there are few who believe in big games. The tradition of trophy hunting has been there since ancient times. You might have seen the frame with skin or horn of wild animals hanging in those classic films. There were very few hunters earlier who used to go for gigantic animals and kept their parts as trophies. But now with the rapid increase in the game of hunting, laws have started becoming stricter. Big game hunting started gaining publicity in 2015, and since then this has become one of the controversial subjects.

If you love to hunt and are planning to go for a hunt exotic animals, then you must know if hunting of those exotic animals is allowed in your region or not.

Countries in Which Hunting Exotic Animals is Legal

Exotic animal hunting is legal in many countries around the world like Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. However, there are a few which allow big game hunting like Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, and Tanzania. Africa has been considered as the leading in big game hunting.

Africa has allowed the hunting of exotic animals because this way they are actually targeting saving their large mammals in their natural habitat from other wild animals. Majorly, big games are allowed in all those areas where hunting outfitters set off that the enlarging levels of poaching have been administered, which elsewhere have shot up alarmingly.

Legal Standing

Hunting exotic animals are legal in many countries, however, restrictions have been set up on the species for hunting, seasons when hunting can take place, and the weapons that can be used for hunting. When you are planning to go for big games, government consent and permits should be the prerequisite. There are countries like Kenya, Costa Rica, and Malawi that have banned the hunting of exotic animals altogether.

Animals Covered Under Big Game

Only a specific group of animals are considered as part of big game hunting. The big five being the lion, Cape buffalo, rhinos, leopard, and African elephant. Alongside these, tiger, kudu, bongo, giraffe, wildebeest, and antelope can also be considered a big game.

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