Hardest Deer to Hunt

Every hunter loves to boast about their stories on how hard hunting their buck was. But are those really that difficult? Today we will be talking about the hardest deer to hunt out there in the wilderness.

When it comes to hunting, it is not just about finding the animal. This journey involves a lot of other challenges like facing bitter mountain winds, climbing over boulders. Such hunts are enough for reducing even those with reasonable fitness to a broken-hearted, weak-kneed puddle if the hunter is not aware of the challenges that come when hunting the hardest animals.

Coues Deer

The big deal for hunting Coues deer is to pursue them in the rough region where they thrive. These slight gray whitetail bucks rarely grow more than 130 in of antler, however, they are adept at disappearing into the cover. They use cactus vegetation and a scant thorn in the desert to stay hidden.

Another challenging part about hunting this deer is they don’t offer large targets and also don’t give much time to the hunter for a shot. But a good Coues deer is an amazing trophy simply because of the fact that there is no easy way in getting one. Plus, its meat is excellent.

Wilderness Elk

Almost every hunter wants to hunt elk in that wilderness. However, most of them very soon realize that getting that trophy is not at all simple. Going for hunting this animal means long hours of glassing in the harsh weather, long rides in-and-out of camp, and coming back to spartan accommodations each night.

Hunting these hardest deer requires doing deep treks into rugged and remote regions. But if you are one of those who are okay with leg-burning hikes in the remote and rugged regions, then these hardest deer are just what you are after.

Squaw Mountain Ranch

Hunting these bucks gives nightmares to hunters every year. If you are planning to go for one of those, Squaw Mountain Ranch can put together a game plan for you and you can take along those wariest, smartest, and most remote trophies to boast about. We have a wide range of exotic animals and those hardest deer for hunting. Whether you are looking for a trophy-class Transcaspian Urial ram or three hundred inches plus Whitetail buck, Squaw Mountain Ranch is your destination. Get in touch with us today to get your next hunting experience booked!