What U.S. States Are Best for Exotic Hunts?

With the rise in the hunting game and people getting involved, states have started doing the best job of producing exotic animals for hunters to hunt. A lot of people get confused with the term exotic animals. There’s a misconception in the minds of a few that exotic animals are the animals that are not allowed to be hunted, however, this term is given to those species that are not indigenous to a certain area.

Now let’s see what all states in the U.S. are best for the exotic hunts. The list below includes popular exotic animal hunting states that are located in the United States.


Many enthusiastic and avid hunters are found in Texas. This state is particularly famous for its large antlered white-tailed buck, but hunters here also like to pursue javelinas, alligators, mule deer, wild pigs, pronghorn, turkeys, squirrels, upland birds, and waterfowl.

New Mexico

Just like the terrain of New Mexico is diverse, hunting in New Mexico is too. Hunting of big game species here includes mule deer, elk, mountain lion, desert bighorn sheep, black beer, pronghorn, and javelina. Apart from that hunting wild turkeys, upland birds, small games, and waterfowl are also excellent.


There are a lot of areas in Maine that offer hunting, however, the most popular ones are found up North. Moosehead, Katahdin, and Rangeley areas attract a lot of hunters every year at their many lodging and camping sites. Deer hunting, bear hunting, and moose hunting are very popular in areas of this state.


Wild hogs and white-tailed deer are the most commonly hunted species in Florida. Apart from these exotic hunts, Florida also offers numerous hunting opportunities like the hunting of alligators, Osceola turkeys, and Burmese pythons.


For hunting exotic animals in Ohio need a special permit along with an annual hunting license. However, one can hunt ducks and geese, and upland birds including quail, doves, grouse, and pheasants around the state.

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