How to Become a Better Hunter

Hunting exotic animals proffer thrill as nothing else does. The greatest reward of hunting comes from stalking your hunt out in the great outdoors. On visiting Squaw Mountain Ranch, you have greater chances of improving your hunt and bagging a big trophy pooch. Here for you, we are listing some tips and tricks that will help you become a better hunter.

Enter Slowly

When you are out in wild for hunting, never rush straight to your hunt. You need to walk real slow as that betrays less noise. Also, don’t forget that the deer might be camouflaging in the tree next to you. In certain cases, hunters do the mistake of clomping straight to the deer stand without noticing the noise. However, experienced hunters know that they can take the deer while they are heading to the deer stand.

Walk Silently

Most hunters when they enter the forest don’t pay the attention to the noise they are making while walking. This is why always walk slowly. If you are not sure about your pace, you can keep a few coins in your pocket. If the coins jiggle, this means you are not at the correct pace. Deer pick up the unnatural sounds real quick and enter the forest, which makes it difficult to find the prey.

Careful of Wounded Deer

On hitting the deer, be sure that it’s dead. Although they are graceful creatures, they can do huge damage with their antlers. To be sure about the fact that the animal is dead, check the eyes. If the eyes are open and they are not blinking, this means it was a successful hunt. However, if it is still alive, take a kill shot from behind the heart-lung area. In those ways, you won’t mess up with your trophy.

Beware of Calls

Calls work well to attract deer to the site, however, they attract other dangerous animals as well like bobcats and coyotes. This is why one should be very careful when dealing with calls.

Go Unnoticed

No hunter would want their hunt to sense their presence. The less your hunt feels your presence, the higher are your chances of a successful hunt. Extra sensitivity is required when you are hunting axis deer. That is so because they exercise caution when going for calls that you have set up. Axis deer first scout the area before starting to feed. And by any chance, if they feel your presence, they first roar, and you might lose your chance of shoot.

Squaw Mountain Ranch

If you want a hunting experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before, contact Squaw Mountain Ranch today! Our expert guides will help you become a better hunter and have an unforgettable hunting excursion!

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