What is Hunting for Conservation?

Hunting is an activity which cannot be considered ethical, especially because the life of an innocent animal is literally snatched away by the hunter. Wildlife preservers may not seem to accept this act in any way, and due to uncontrolled hunting many beautiful species have already become extinct while some lay in the path of extinction. Thus, hunting has been banned in many areas. However, there is something known as conservation hunting, and it happens to be the highlight of our discussion today.

What is Conservation Hunting?

The term ‘conservation hunting’ it may not make any sense to you at all. These two words feel like an oxymoron and do not go hand in hand at all. If hunting leads to the killing of an animal, then how can you possible conserve it?

To begin with, conservation hunting is a process which can be carried out in lush and spacious ranches containing healthy and mature animals. These ranches are usually created for this purpose, where hunters get to experience the thrill of hunting by tracing down their targets. This is a legal process and these ranches also go on to provide a safe and secured habitat for its species. But, where is the conservation here since ultimately hunting down animals is going to kill them?

To be precise, conservation hunting is a long-term thing. Hunters do hunt down animals like they would usually do, but they pay huge sums of money to experience the thrill of hunting. For instance, if you were to hunt a lion legally in Tanzania, then you would have to pay around $9,800 for it. Now, this money is reserved by the government and then used for the creation of safe and secure animal habitats where they can naturally breed, roam around and grow their unique populations, ultimately escaping the threat of extinction.

What are the Benefits of Conservation Hunting?

According to global statistics, conservation hunting generates millions annually, which the government utilizes in conserving a wide range of species. Moreover, under this process of hunting, the ranches suitable for conservation hunting make sure that no endangered species are hunted, even if they are offered large sums of money. It is also said that the hunters are among the people who contribute the most monetarily just to fulfill their desire of hunting. It gives them a sense of pride and confidence which leads them to spend so much behind conservation hunting.

Therefore, to sum it up, conservation hunting guarantees long-term benefits for the various specious of this world and ensures a safe and suitable home for them. These habitats are more secured than the wilderness and the animals here tend to have a longer life span than in the former.

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