Deer Hunting Myths

Deer hunting, or simply any form of hunting can be quite a thrilling experience. It puts you under this constant adrenaline rush and excitement of figuring out where your target is. If you get lucky, then successfully being able to shoot your target animal can bring in tons of self-confidence and pride within yourself.

However, before you get started with this adventurous activity, we are sure that you would want to take advice from the experienced hunter of your family. Well most of us have one, who is always eager to tell you the tales of their thrilling escapade in the jungles and also pour in a couple of advices between their stories for you to learn from. But, not every piece of advice that comes out of their mouth can be considered true. Therefore, we are here to clear out some well-known deer hunting myths for you, just in case you were planning for such an adventure.


The first thing you would like to know is how you can actually trace a deer to hunt it down. And if you ask this to someone who is a follower of the many deer hunting myths, then chances are that he/she is going to tell you that you can differentiate between the male and female deer (bucks and does) from the prints of their dew claws.

Now, this cannot be true since all deer have claws of such kind. Only in the presence of muddy/snow covered grounds can this myth turn out to be true, enabling you to distinguish between the two. However, it’s the best to carefully trace down these prints by looking at their size and strides. A buck is expected to have bigger strides than a doe. Moreover, if you see a group of footprints along the way, then you can be sure of them belonging to a group of does since bucks are usually alone.


The second myth that you might have come across is that only big male deer rub their antlers on trees. This again, stands untrue since bucks of all ages do so. This is done to mark the dominance of a buck in a particular territory. When they rub their antlers, the surface of the tree gets scraped off. This captures the scent of the particular buck. The scent and mark on the trees signal other bucks of its existence, and so can it for a hunter.


Lastly, there is this myth regarding the weather that is not suited for hunting deer. It is usually believed that a windy weather can be a setback for hunting deer since they are most likely to stay back in their secured homes rather than roaming around. This, however, is not the case since deer do get out even if the weather is windy. That is because they have got the basic navigation skills, just like us humans and can return home if the weather deteriorates, just like we humans would. A windy weather can be of your advantage, especially because the muffing sound can distract your target and somewhat distort their senses. They would not be as alert as in noiseless weathers.

Squaw Mountain Ranch

To sum it up, those were the most common deer hunting myths which you shall ignore, even if heard from an experienced hunter. If you think you are all set for some deer hunting, then gather your tools and head out to Squaw Mountain Ranch to experience the best of its kind. We specialize in deer hunts but also offer attractive hunting packages that may interest you.

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