Top Ranch for White Tails Hunts

Top Ranch for White Tails Hunts

Squaw Mountain Ranch (SMR) is the TOP ranch in Texas for Whitetail deer hunting! Whitetail deer hunts are our passion at Squaw Mountain Ranch. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding whitetail deer trophy hunts at an affordable price compared with other ranches, while giving the hunter a five-star experience and service second to none. We are the largest and best hunting range for whitetail deer in all of Texas.

A guided hunt is one that is led by a specialist who is familiar with the deer and unique geography of a certain area and serves as a guide for a specific trip. SMR staff will guide you through your journey and show you exactly what it is like to hunt whitetail deer on two thousand acres, bringing you to an entirely new setting that you could never experience on your own.

Our trained specialists will cater to your individual needs by accommodating your requests to enrich your experience while on the ranch.

Our expert’s local knowledge of the land, exactly where to hunt to find the whitetail deer, and the proper hunting techniques will save you time rather than to try it alone and is well worth the money you will spend. Our trained specialists will cater to your individual needs by accommodating your requests to enrich your experience while on the ranch. You will be talking about this special hunt for all time as it may be one that you might never do again!

Whitetail Deer Hunting in the Fall at SMR is a Celebration

Modern American hunters do not live in the woods like ancient hunters did, and we only get a few days to hunt each year. So, when the air in Texas turns crisp in the fall, hunters start celebrating opening day of deer season like it is a national holiday because they know the hunting days are limited.

That is why you want to rely on SMR for your whitetail deer hunting expedition to make your hunt more enjoyable and successful!

With the environment that we have carefully cultivated, there are bound to be plenty of whitetail deer to hunt down and plenty of action to be had. We provide a 1:1 buck to doe ratio which allows you to find several bucks to choose from during your hunt. We ensure a fair chase hunt that will provide you with a formidable trophy that you will be proud to hang in your trophy room.

Fun Facts About Whitetail Deer

  • They have only a 4 – 6-year lifespan in the wild. In captivity, their lifespan can increase up to 6–14 years.
  • Whitetail deer are the smallest of North American deer and the most abundant, with a population of over 30 million.
  • One in 10,000 whitetails do not have antlers.
  • The whitetail deer is fast. They have been clocked at running over 45 miles per hour.
  • In the early 1900’s, there were only about 500,000 whitetail deer in North America.
  • When frightened, whitetails will chirp and wave their tails frantically.

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Squaw Mountain Ranch
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