Mastering the Art of Spotting and Stalking Whitetail Deer

Adult whitetail deer standing in the meadow

The main idea behind the spot and stalk approach is to “spot” a whitetail from a long distance and then “stalk” it slowly and quietly until you can get close enough to get a clean shot. This is usually done with a bow when whitetail deer hunting in Texas, but the spot-and-stalk approach is very flexible and widely used in all kinds of hunting.

  1. What to Wear for a Spot and Stalk?

When you are 50 yards away from a buck you have been following for an hour, the last thing you want is for a piece of your clothes to make a noise it should not. You should wear clothes that do not make noise when you move. Avoid things like loose buttons that make noise. You want to ensure your clothes are as quiet as possible. If you wear something that makes noise, the deer will let you know by escaping.

Also, make sure you are wearing comfy boots. You might have to walk a long way to find a buck. When they get close to deer, some shooters take off their boots to move much more quietly than they could with their boots on.

  1. Bring Only What You Need.

You also should bring only a little gear on a spot and stalk. It would be best if you bring only what you have to. Here are some things that cannot be left out: your bow, your quiver, your bow release, your rangefinder, and maybe a wind indicator

  1. Get to a Point of View

If you have yet to see a buck, you will want to find a place from which you can spot one. Places like the tops of mountains/hills or the edge of a wide-open space are good places to look. You want to go somewhere where you can see a long way. The more you can see, the more likely you will see a buck.

  1. Plan How You Will Do Things.

The most important part of the whole plan is this. Once you find a deer you want to hunt, you should take a moment to think about how you will stalk it. You are likely to fail if you go after it with little thought.

  1. Use your Environment to your Benefit.

When stalking, the only way to succeed is to know how to use the terrain to your advantage. Below are ways you can use the terrain to your advantage: –

  • Do not go on mountains/hilltops or ridge lines.
  • Use the nearby brush to hide your outline or to hide behind when a deer comes close.
  • Stay low to the ground when you get close to the deer
  • Crouch-walk between the corn rows
  • It is better to work downhill than uphill.the meadow
  1. Take It Slow—I mean, Really Slow.

Taking your time is as important as making a plan. It would help if you moved slowly and quietly. Things will not go wrong when you try to do them slowly. Taking it slow does two things. First, it makes you quieter and less likely to break a branch or do something else loud. Second, it makes it hard for the deer to see you move. The slower you move, the better your chances of getting within shooting range.

  1. Look at How They Move.

It would be best to monitor the deer you want to catch closely. Their body language can tell you a lot about what they might do next. If their head and ears are up and they look around, they may be on edge. This signifies that you should stop for a few minutes and let them cool down. If they eat with their heads down, moving on is safe. Body language is hard to describe in words, but as a hunter, you learn what their moves mean over time, and it becomes a skill.

  1. Use Your Range Finder

Use your range finder often. You might be surprised at how far away you are. When you are close enough to take a shot, quickly set the distance to use the right pin on your sight. It would be terrible to do all that work and then miss your shot because you thought you were at 30 yards when you were at 45.

Whitetails Hunting in Texas

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