Deer Hunting in Texas

Deer Hunting in Texas

Hunting Deer in Texas

Texas Deer Hunting

With over 2000 acres of diverse topography, deer hunting in Texas doesn’t get any better than at Squaw Mountain Ranch. Texas deer hunts can be exciting and with the trophy bucks at Squaw Mountain Ranch, hunters come from all over the world to hunt deer in Texas. From hills, to rocky slopes, to flat grasslands, the terrain is so varied that you will simply love the property. We have ponds and all sorts of different landscapes to make your hunt one of the best around. Your guided deer hunt can be on foot or we can drive to other parts of the property and then hike in. It is all up to you and what experience you are looking for.

Texas deer hunting is some of the best hunting in the world. With an average yearly temperature of 70 degrees F, whitetail deer thrive in the state. There are also less predators than in other states, helping the deer thrive in this environment. Our ranch prides itself in responsible wildlife management, so the deer hunted are healthy and vibrant. Our deer can range in size from 139 points to well over 350 points!

Hunting Tips

While hunting is something that can be learned and practices, you will find every hunter has their favorite techniques and tips. Here, we will go over a few deer hunting tips that will make hunting deer in Texas that much more fun.

  • Deer have noses and can smell you. Don’t use perfumes or scented products the day of your hunt. Some hunters tell us that they prefer to smell “gamey” on the day of their hunt. Rest assured, after a long, fun day of deer hunting, you can clean up in our well-appointed cabins before meeting at the lodge for bragging, drinks and dinner!
  • Deer have ears. They can hear you. When hunting deer in Texas, you should expect to sit quietly for periods of time. Bringing that friend who won’t be quiet could cost you your trophy buck! Choose your friends carefully for your trip.
  • The big deer are smart. That’s why they are big. They have avoided being taken year over year. That makes hunting them even more challenging but rewarding. Knowing how to hunt is as important as how to shoot so hone up on your tracking and hunting skills.

Whitetail Deer in Texas

Texas is known for its whitetail deer and as they say, everything is bigger in Texas! Our trophy deer hunting is like nowhere else. The bucks on our property are plentiful and some of them have 400 point racks! Our guides can help you find just the right trophy buck to hunt. The whitetails frolic with other species, which is truly a unique sight in Texas. Imagine seeing a whitetail deer, elk and red stag in the same field. Breathtaking.

We provide customized trophy hunting packages so you can experience whatever you like. We do not dictate how you spend your day but we do offer our expertise and assistance.

What do I need to bring?

Bring your rifle and ammo, hunting clothes, personal items, cooler large enough to transport meat & cape back home, & a Texas hunting license. We do not sell licenses on the ranch, so be prepared and have that well ahead of your trip. Gratuities for Guides and Cooks are Customary.

Our lodge includes a full bar and living area that has a big screen TV and breakfast area. And for fun, we have a cocktail table arcade game machine that has 60 games you can choose from. Plus there is a pool table and an outdoor fire pit plus pool! So bring appropriate swimwear if that is something you would like to do. We also have a shooting range and you can practice at the range – let us know if that is something you would like to do.

What type of hunting is available?

Squaw Mountain Ranch not only allows hunters to choose their method of hunting Trophy Animals, but their method of take as well. We have expert hunting guides that will customize each hunters experience according to hunters experience and preference of hunting technique and weapon.

Trophy Hunters can choose to Bow Hunt, Rifle Hunt, Pistol Hunt, or Black Powder Hunt. We also offer long range shooting instruction. We can help hunters out there as well. We accommodate all types of hunters and even hunters with physical disabilities.

At Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas, you can hunt trophy whitetail deer on 2000 acres. Book your deer hunting trip at Squaw Mountain Ranch today.

Need more info or have questions? Call us today to find out about whitetail deer hunting in Texas!

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