Whitetail Deer Hunts in Texas Are Like No Other 

You want to find the best spot in all of Texas to hunt whitetail deer, as well as exotics, but you’ve been disappointed with other ranch services or hunting on your own. You have the best possible whitetail deer hunting experience waiting for you at Squaw Mountain Ranch, but let’s back up for a minute: what defines the best possible whitetail deer hunting trip of your life?

Dedicated Staff That Knows What’s What

Whether it comes to safety, as well as information about proper hunting techniques, and your prey, we have the specialists that don’t just work a job—they’ve been hunting for their entire lives, and they’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible hunting service ever. You’ve been hunting before, but you haven’t had this kind of service to back you, or a ranch like ours. It’s not juts about hunting, but about the downtime between the hunts.


Private Cabins

You want your own space to shake off the dust, and relax at the end of day one. Relax in the comfort of your own private cabin where you can think about the day, rest and recoup, and get right back out into the hunt. These come with everything you’ll need, including access to meals and a stocked bar in the central ranch. What better way to unwind in the evening than not having to cook, and leaning back to a cold brew? Exactly—nothing is better.

Customized Guided Hunts

Introducing someone to hunting, or are you new to the scene yourself? Either way, our trained professionals can guide you through your hunt and show you exactly what it’s like to hunt whitetail deer on on 2000 acres, bringing you to an entirely new setting that you could never experience on your own. Whitetail deer hunts in Texas are inspired by how Squaw Mountain Ranch conducts hunts—there’s just nothing like it.

New Hunters: Whitetail Deer Facts

Going into your hunt, whether it’s guided or not, needs to be done with some information to back you and build your experience from the ground up. Even if you’re been researching all about whitetail deer, there’s bound to be some facts, tips, and tricks that you’re unaware of that can greatly benefit you while you’re out on the ranch. The best whitetail deer hunts in Texas aren’t achieved through blind luck. Know the facts, the safety tips, and keep yourself informed.

Whitetail Hearing 

Whitetail deer can hear—and smell—better than they can see. They’re more prone to having great night vision than they are to having great vision during the day. They can hear things that you’d never imagine, like leaves crunching under your boots. They can hear up to a mile or so away, and they’ll use it to their advantage. Whitetail deer are skittish, and will definitely flee if they get spooked. It’s also good to cut down on chatter, if you can, when you’re zoning in on potential prey. They’ll hear your voices traveling first, and you’ll be left wondering why there are no whitetail ahead of you.

Whitetail Sense of Smell

Since they’re not going to be able to use their sight properly during the day, whitetail also rely on their secondary sense—smell. It’s why you’ll see hunters hosing themselves down with odor neutralizers, or bringing them into the woods for their tree stands. It’s not going to give you away as much as a loud noise will, but it’s something you should keep in mind. There are loads of tricks littered everywhere to make sure you don’t produce a musky scent, and scare the whitetail away.


Bucks In Rut

If you don’t know what “the rut” is, you’ll know soon. It’s the most dangerous part about hunting for whitetail deer, and it’s not taken lightly among hunters. You’ll be able to see when a buck marks their area, visible by missing scrapes of bark on the trees where they build their den. This is one way that they show dominance during mating season, and they will become violent. Always—absolutely always—back down from a rutting buck. Never stand your ground, never move forward. Back away slowly, because they’re not going to hold back.

Early Morning Is Best

It appears as though whitetail deer, both doe and buck, prefer to come out early in the morning, particularly in misty or lightly sprinkling weather conditions. It’s the same as fishing—the early bird is going to get the worm for sure. You’ll have plenty of prey to choose from, and time to line up your shot. Once you pull the trigger, the sound is going to alert the rest of the whitetail that there’s a hunter nearby, and they will scatter, but it still gives you an opportunity to strike first.


It just makes sense—you’re out in the woods all day, you’ve been hiking and carrying your gear, and your body is tired. The ranch is also to relax and rejuvenate after the hunt. Take advantage of the pool and hot tub to relax, and prep yourself for the next day. When you finally find your way out of the comfort of the hot tub, head on over to the firepit where you can enjoy a few beers and trade stories. It’s everything you were hoping for, and nobody can offer it like Squaw Mountain Ranch.

Getting Your Shot

With the environment that we’ve carefully cultivated at Squaw Mountain Ranch, there’s bound to be plenty of whitetail deer for you to hunt down and plenty of action to be had. We believe, without a doubt, that you’ll have the time of your life out on Squaw Mountain Ranch.

If you want to take a tour and get more information about what we offer, call us at (830) 275-3277 and talk to one of our representatives. You’re not going hunting; you’re coming to the place where all the greatest whitetail deer hunts in Texas happen.