Water Buffalo

When it comes to hunting and specifically trophy hunts, the water buffalo is widely sought after because of its size which provides a challenge for many hunters. The water buffalo, also known as the Asian buffalo, is a towering mammal.

What are Water Buffalo?

Water buffalo are the largest mammals of the Bovini tribe, which includes the yak, African buffalo, and bison just to name a few. There are 74 breeds of water buffalo. Water buffalo typically weigh anywhere between 1,500 and 2,650 pounds. Standing at 8 to 9 feet tall, this mammal has a grayish-black coat. Male water buffalo have huge crescent shaped horns that can stretch as long as 5 feet. Females also have these horns, but they are smaller to fit their smaller body types.

The water buffalo is thought to have come from Asia which is why it is often called an Asian buffalo as well. But, they’re also found in Australia, Africa, Europe and North America. The wild Asian buffalo is now an endangered species. However, the farmed buffalo are plentiful with a population of more than 150 million around the world.

The life span of a water buffalo is anywhere between 15 and 25 years. Water buffalo typically live in a herd. They typically spend most of their time in muddy waters to keep cool and protected. They also like the water because they can get dehydrated very easily. Thankfully, they have wide hoofed feet that prevent them from sinking in the mud. Their feet also allow them to move in the wetlands and swamps without much trouble. They are mainly active at night and at dusk spending the rest of their time in the water.

Many buffalo are farmed and hunted for their meat, milk, and leather. The milk that comes from a water buffalo is also richer in fat and protein than the milk that comes from dairy cows.

Water buffalo are also used to pull heavy machines and carry large loads as well as till rice fields. It’s much more common to see males perform these tasks rather than the females due to their size. While water buffalo may not seek out prey, they are often preyed upon by crocodiles, tigers and lions.

Eating Habits of Water Buffalo

Water buffalo are herbivores so their diet is mainly vegetation. Aquatic plants are their food source when they are in the water but they also travel out of the water to get their food. They typically like to find grassland to graze upon where they can eat grass, leaves, and herbs. They are not meat eaters and do not leave their areas looking for prey.

Breeding Habits of Water Buffalo

Female water buffalo typically give birth every other year. They are pregnant from 9 to 11 months. When the female buffalo gives birth, the baby buffalo will stay with its mother for the first couple of years of life. After about three years or so, the male buffalo will go with the other males into a herd while the females will stay with their mother and other females in a herd. A clan of female buffalo is usually led by a matriarch in the group while male buffalo will form bachelor groups of about ten. They will fight from time to time to show their strength but will typically not engage in serious fighting. They will only mingle with the female herds during mating time. At all other times they will keep to themselves.

Hunting Water Buffalo

Water buffalo are typically difficult to put down making for more of a thrill during a trophy hunt. In Texas, there are no seasonal restrictions on hunting water buffalo, allowing for trophy hunts year-round.

The terrain at Squaw Mountain Ranch allows hunters to choose from different tactics including safari hunts or more traditional stalk hunts. Hunters can also choose from a Bow Hunt, Rifle Hunt, Pistol Hunt, or Black Powder Hunt.

Squaw Mountain Ranch offers long shooting instructions and caters to all hunters, including those with physical disabilities. Expert hunting guides will work with each hunter individually to customize his or her experience. At Squaw Mountain Ranch, hunters can be certain they will receive a fair chase hunt that will provide them with a formidable trophy that they will be proud to hang in their trophy room. Squaw Mountain Ranch prides itself on providing outstanding Trophy water buffalo Hunts at an affordable price compared with other ranches.  The only things you need to bring are your rifle and ammo, hunting clothes, container to transport meat, a Texas hunting license and any personal items you see fit.

Trophy hunt packages vary and can include meals and a stocked bar while you’re at the ranch. You can also choose to have field dressing and trophy prep of the water buffalo.

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