Corsican Ram

Corsican rams are one of the most hunted exotic animals in the country. They are the target of many trophy hunts at Squaw Mountain Ranch in Texas because they offer a challenging hunt due to the fact that it takes time and patience to track them down. Once hunters are successful they look to show off their work.

What is a Corsican Ram?

When Mouflon sheep breed with the Barbados Blackbelly sheep and a variety of other sheep the result is the Corsican ram. Corsican rams are usually brown with a black and white underbody. They can be found all around the United States, but are predominately found in Texas, thus the popularity of the trophy hunts. Their exact lifespan is unknown. Male Corsican rams usually have a 3 to 8 inch mane on their lower neck. In the winter the mane gets thicker and turns more of a white color.

The horns of the Corsican rams are partly what make them such an attractive mount to hunters. They can range anywhere from 14 to 35 inches and weigh as much as 30 pounds. Some horns curl while others take more of a spiral shape. Corsican rams typically weigh between 130 and 160 pounds.

Female Corsican rams are called ewes and have smaller horns than their male counterparts. They also weigh less, ranging from 80 to 100 pounds.

Corsican rams are known to be very aggressive animals. The males butt heads quite often and show no mercy. They are mostly active early in the day or later in the day, taking the mid-day to seek shelter among trees when it is hot. When the sun is out but the temperatures are low, they are known to like to catch a few rays. But when it’s hot they’ll flock to hilltops to hopefully get a breeze to help them cool down. On hot days like that they’ll look for water daily. But when the temperature moderates they can go two to three days without any water. When it’s raining or other harsh weather strikes, you can find them hiding out in ravines.

Eating Habits of Corsican Rams

Corsican rams like to eat grass and lots of it. They are known to be grazers who favor grass and forbs. If they can find leaves on the ground or reach them, they’ll also go for them too. But, you won’t find them eating much else.

Breeding Habits of Corsican Rams

Corsican rams will typically mate in August and September. Females will be pregnant for five months and give birth anywhere between January and March. When they have their young, they will give birth to one or two at a time. It’s not uncommon for there to be twins among Corsican ram births. Once they’re born, it will take male rams about a year and a-half to mature while females can reach maturity as early as the seven month mark.

Hunting Corsican Rams

Corsican rams are known to form into a herd fairly quickly. This is just one reason they make for a challenging hunt. When they are bothered they will form a very tight flock and they move as a group. It takes a lot of time and patience to track one down and to get a good shot. Corsican rams are also have keen eyesight. This can help them avoid hunters because they easiely can see you before you see them.

At Squaw Mountain Ranch we know all of this to be true and that is why we offer a variety of hunting methods. Bow hunting, rifle hunting, pistol hunting and black powder hunting are all options when hunting Corsican rams. Since there are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Corsican rams in Texas, they are available year-round, which is another reason why they make such popular trophy hunts.

Our expert hunting guides will help you decide the best method of hunting as well as the style. Choose to hunt from high rack vehicles, a modern and comfortable blind, or take an old fashioned stalk and hunt approach. Long range shooting instructions are also available. Whichever method you choose, Squaw Mountain Ranch ensures a fair hunt. We accommodate all hunters including those with physical disabilities. Just be sure to bring along a rifle and ammo, hunting clothes, a Texas hunting license, cooler to transport meat and any other desired personal items.

There are different trophy hunting packages and price ranges to suit your needs. You can choose from packages that include lodging and meals as well as a stocked bar and snacks. Squaw Mountain Ranch prides itself on providing affordable Trophy Corsican Ram hunts when compared to other ranches. We have a great herd of Corsican rams. Come and see why we give our hunters a five-star experience each and every time.

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