Why Hunting Deer at Night is Illegal

If you’re considering hunting deer, you should be aware of all aspects, from the type of gear to use to what is illegal and what is not. Knowing this information can save you a lot of time and headaches. While some hunters may think that going out at night will give them an advantage, it’s important to know that hunting deer at night is illegal. If you were trying to get your hands on a nocturnal buck, it’s not going to happen, especially in Texas.

Why is hunting deer at night illegal?

Deer hunting at night is illegal for the simple fact that it’s dangerous. With no natural light around to see where you’re going or what you’re doing, you may accidentally shoot someone else instead of your intended target.

Besides getting hurt with a gun, there’s a better chance of tripping or falling in the woods in the dark. Don’t forget about the other animals that call the woods home. They want to protect their home and don’t want intruders, that’s why they also pose a risk to you.

While some hunters may have a simple solution to the darkness problem by shining spotlights on deer, this is also illegal in many states. Some hunters try to use spotlights after dark to locate deer since that’s the time many of them come out to feed. While deer are active at night, it’s still illegal to target them.

What happens if I get caught trying to hunt deer at night?

If you disregard the law about hunting deer at night you can expect to be fined in many states and also possibly have your hunting license revoked. Many times the fines can reach as high as $1,000 or more. In short, trying to hunt deer at night is not worth the risk or potential fine.

In many states, hunting other animals at night is allowed. For specifics, contact the local parks and wildlife office where you wish to hunt.

When is it legal to hunt deer?

In Texas and many other states, hunting deer is legal from sun up to sun down. However, hunting season can vary depending on location. It’s important to always check your local restrictions and regulations before heading out on your next hunt.

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