Deer Hunts with a Guide

When you’re hunting whitetail deer in Texas, you want to take advantage of the large population the Lone Star state has to offer. Texas is home to four million whitetail deer, which is more than is found in any of the fifty states. In order to get the most out of their hunting experience, some hunters choose to go on guided deer hunts.

Why People use a Hunting Guide

Not every hunter will use a guide because they do come with an added cost. If you’re already paying for a trophy hunt, some ranches will include a guide, while others will offer one at an additional cost.

One of the main reasons why people use a guide when hunting is to help them scout out unfamiliar territory. If it’s their first time hunting in a specific area or they just aren’t sure of the terrain, many hunters will use a guide. A guide will know the area inside out and will likely know where the best shots are for specific target. Some choose to use a guide to seek out the biggest trophies in the area. Others may select a guide based solely upon their skill level.

Why does a guide do?

A guide’s job is to make your hunting experience is the most successful it can be. Hunting guides are experienced outdoorsmen and women who can provide leadership, transportation, and help with gear to make sure their clients have a good trip. As the title suggests, they also guide their clients around the terrain.

Guides are often people who have a lot of experience hunting and want to share it with others while making money. In order to be a good guide, you not only have to know the area and have hunting knowledge, but you must also be able to deal with all types of people and all types of hunting levels. Some people may be beginners, while others are seasoned hunters wanting to improve their success rate.

How a guide can help hunters

Deer hunting with a guide can help hunters not only get familiar with the land and get a better shot but also keep them safe from other animals. Since the guide knows the area very well, he or she also knows what types of other animals lurk there. They can help to keep you out of harm’s way and from becoming another animal’s dinner.

A guide can also be helpful to help you learn new hunting techniques and brush up on the ones you already use. For example, if it’s your first time hunting with a bow and arrow, you may want to have a guide along to help. If you’ve been using a bow and arrow for quite some time, but don’t always have luck, then a guide can come in handy to show you what you may have been doing wrong. It’s situations like these that make a guide well worth the money.

When you think about your hunting experience you’ll want to hire a guide if you’re trying anything new. These are the times when a guide will come in handy most.

Many times it’s advised not to hire a guide if you’re hunting on public land because you can easily look up information about those areas. A guide may be able to give you more insight, but many times you may just be wasting your money.

How to find a good guide

While some ranches provide guides, other times you may have to find one on your own. If you find yourself in this situation, keep the following things in mind when looking for a good guide.

  • Read reviews. Do your research and read reviews before narrowing the field.
  • Ask for references. Once you’ve narrowed it down it a few guides, contact them and ask for references. This way you can get a true representation of what a guide has to offer. If he or she is reluctant, then you may want to move on.
  • Interview the guide. If possible, interview the guide and ask how many hunts they’ve assisted on, what areas they’re familiar with and what animals they like to hunt. Also, ask how long they’ve been in the business. Experience goes a long way.

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