Hybrid Ibex Hunts In Texas

A hunter and his dog walking through a valley on hybrid ibex hunts

Here at Squaw Mountain Ranch we are pleased to offer more than 30 species of native and exotic big game. Our ranch, nestled in the oak canyons of picturesque Jacksboro, Texas is home to a variety of popular species such as red stag, elk, and whitetail deer. We are also proud to be one of the ranches offering trophy Hybrid Ibex hunts in Texas. 


The Ibex is a breed of wild goat found throughout parts of Europe, central Asia, and southern Russia. While occurrences of hybridization of this species can be found and hunted in the wild, most Hybrid Ibex are a product of special breeding programs. This a beautiful breed of goat with impressively large horns typically results from a cross between any species of the Ibex varieties, whether Bezoar, Alpine, Asian, or Nubian and the domesticated goat.

The Ibex and hybrids of the species have a long and storied history. Its image and description grace art and texts alike dating as far back as 1800 BC, one of the more notable discoveries being ornate jewelry featuring the Ibex found on the island of Santorini in modern-day Greece. However, evidence of early man hunting and possibly breeding the Ibex has been found in the Ötztal Alps dating as far back as 3400 and 3100 BC. 

While they originate in the mountainous regions of the Eurasian continent, the Hybrid Ibex is a popular trophy animal the world over. Many hunters will travel to places like Afghanistan and Turkey to hunt these goats in their natural habitat but its no longer necessary to travel so far to have a chance at bringing down one of these beautiful animals. Here at Squaw Mountain Ranch, we are proud to offer a stunning herd with superior genetics, providing trophy quality Hybrid Ibex hunts in Texas every year. 


In most cases, the Hybrid Ibex is nearly indistinguishable from its wild ancestors. They are large goats, standing as tall as 5.5 feet tall at the shoulder. They can weigh between 65 and 265 lbs with the males typically growing taller and heavier than the females. The Hybrid Ibex is best known for its impressive horns. Their horns are scimitar-shaped, sweeping backward off the forehead. The horns may be relatively straight with a gentle curl or may have a tight curl with no spiral. Their horns may curl on themselves or have an outward flare. An Ibex’s horns can grow to be in excess of 44 inches in length.

While both male and female Hybrid Ibex have horns, the horns of the female do tend to be thinner, shorter, and slower growing than those of the male. Male Hybrid Ibex have horns at birth that grow especially quickly in the first few years and will continue to grow throughout their life. As they do not lose their horns each season, you can plan your Hybrid Ibex hunt in Texas for whatever time of year fits your schedule. 


Hybrid Ibex typically are light tan to medium brown with a dark brown or black ‘cross’ trailing down the neck and belly with the arms extending across the chest and up to the shoulder. Depending on which species they cross with, this ‘cross’ may be more pronounced in some than in others. The Hybrid Ibex’s coat has long guard hairs and a thick wooly undercoat. Males of this species have a long beard, while the females do not. Their coat thickens in winter to protect them from low temperatures and thins in the spring. If you want to bag a premium hide on your next Hybrid Ibex hunt in Texas, you will want to keep this in mind when planning your trip.


Being native to the mountainous regions of Europe, Asia, and Russia, the Ibex can handle living in mountainous and rocky terrain. They typically make their homes on precariously steep cliffsides, making them experts at reaching food sources that are otherwise inaccessible to other grazers and making it difficult for predators to reach them. Hunters find them elevations as high as 8,000 to 14,800 feet. While the terrain here at Squaw Mountain Ranch is not quite as treacherous as their native habitat, the Hybrid Ibex is very much at home in our rocky oak canyons and will lead you on a very challenging and rewarding hunt. 


The Hybrid Ibex, like other breeds of goat, are herbivores with a voracious appetite. They will eat almost any type of plant growth ranging from grasses and weeds to shrubs and bushes. These mountain-dwelling goats also climb trees to reach leaves when other food sources are scarce.

Mating Season

Hybrid Ibex typically live in either bachelor or nursery herds, congregating only during the mating season. Nursery herds usually consist of 10 to 20 females and their offspring. As the nursery and bachelor herds merge to mate the males engage in displays of dominance to establish a breeding hierarchy. The males will butt heads repeatedly in skirmishes that can last as much as an hour. Once a victor is clear, the male will strut around the female in an attempt to court the female. This process can last as much as 30 minutes. 

Females will remain pregnant for anywhere from 147 to 180 days. They commonly give birth to anywhere from 1 to 3 kids at a time. Newborn Ibex are precocious, meaning they get up and begin walking soon after birth. They will remain isolated from the herd with their mother until they are a few weeks old. Kids wean from their mother’s milk anywhere between 4 and 6 months of age. Females reach sexual maturity sometimes as early as 2 years or as old as 6. In the wild, Ibex typically love to be around 17 years old but can live to be much older in captive herds.

Hunting Season

As they are a non-native species, there are no seasonal restrictions on Hybrid Ibex hunts in Texas.

Hunting Tips

When hunting with us here at Squaw Mountian Ranch, we assist hunters in tailoring their trip to their level of experience as well as their preferred weapon and method of take. We provide safari like hunting from high rack vehicles, the comforts of modern blinds, and good, old fashioned spot and stalk. While the terrain here at Squaw Moutain Ranch is not quite as treacherous as their native mountain ranges, our oak canyons provide plenty of places for these wily creatures to hide. With the Hybrid Ibex’s keen senses and superior agility in difficult terrain, you will need to use a variety of methods to track and bring down your trophy. 

For more information and help planning your next Hybrid Ibex hunts in Texas, call Squaw Mountain Ranch at (830) 275-3277 to speak with one of our expert hunting guides today.