Differences Between Whitetails and Red Stags

You might be an animal lover who loves to hunt as a hobby and loves to see prizes of different species of deer in your lounge. So have you ever considered knowing about the other species of deer? In this blog, we will discuss the two highly notable species.

Several deer species are available, and everyone likes to hunt them. Still, the two most popular are whitetails and red stags. Many people get confused with both most of the time. But, don’t you worry, as we have some prominent differences between these two that will help you better understand the two.


You’re most likely familiar with the whitetail, found in vast areas across the nation’s eastern region and dazzling in its specific manner. Regardless of whether you sack a young administration buck here at Tioga Ranch or a valued whitetail, you’ll devour steaks, hacks, broils, spare ribs, stew, frankfurter, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Essentially lower in fat than hamburger, whitetail venison has a unique flavor that fluctuates from gentle to gamey, depending upon what the creature ate and how the meat was cooked. If you also want to hunt whitetail, then many hunting groups offer service. Usually, they are about to start now and will chase whitetails up through mid-December.

The most effective method to spot whitetails is that they¬†have a particular white underside to their tail which is the most prominent feature of this species. The highest point of the tail is a similar ruddy brown as the remainder of the deer’s jacket. However, the underside is a radiant white, which the deer can glimmer to flag risk or caution to the rest of the crowd. The children are classified as “grovels” and generally have white spots that they lose in adulthood.

Red Stags

The red stag is the masterpiece of North American deer, with their monstrous, erupting tusks and many casings. The endless number of red stags here at the Tioga Ranch are witnessed, of around seven feet tall and measure a normal of 500 pounds, making stags just somewhat more modest than the North American elk. In the sense of taste, red stag meat is delightful and high in protein, while additionally low in fat, as frequently is the situation with game creatures. Besides, you’re sure to cherish the rich, hearty flavor that moves on the tongue.

Are you searching for meat to top off your ice chest? Plan your outing with the hunting group between now and March to sack your stag or any other deer; then, to witness your favorite species, you have to plan accordingly to their time.

Squaw Mountain Ranch

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