Addax Hunts

Addax Hunts

Squaw Mountain Ranch Allows Hunters The Opportunity To Hunt A Trophy Addax In Texas In A Beautiful Setting.

The Addax is also known as The White Antelope and The Screwhorn Antelope.
We have a great herd of Addax on The Ranch with excellent genetics producing amazing Trophy Addax every year.
There are no seasonal restrictions on hunting Addax in Texas, which makes it a suitable trophy to hunt year round.

The colour of the coat depends on the season. In winter their coat is greyish-brown with white hindquarters and legs, and long, brown hair on the head, neck, and shoulders. During the summer their coat turns almost completely white or sandy blonde.

Addax form herds of 5 to 20 members, consisting of both males and females. They are led by the oldest female.
The Addax Antelope that we offer to hunt from our herd on Squaw Mountain Ranch have horns that range from 30-39 inches.

We cater to each client individually during their Addax Hunt at SMR. We ensure a fair chase hunt that will provide each Addax Hunter with a formidable Trophy that they will be proud to hang in their Trophy Room. Squaw Mountain Ranch prides itself on providing outstanding Trophy Addax Hunts at an affordable price compared with other ranches, while giving the hunter a five star experience and service second to none.

We now have CITIES permits to harvest Trophy Addax on the ranch at Squaw Mountain Ranch, and participate in a global conservation program to help propagate the species. This hunt must be scheduled in advance to accommodate the permit requirements.

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Trophy Addax Hunts at Squaw Mountain Ranch in Jacksboro, Texas